GTA 3 Cheats: Character, Weapons, Vehicles, and Guns (2020)


GTA 3 CHEATS – PC, PS3, PS4, and Xbox

(All-cheats Character, Weapons, Vehicles, and Guns and So on…)

GTA 3 is over ten years old, but is still popular and is now one of the classics in games history. After all, the adventures from Liberty City represent the first GTA game in 3D. If you want to get behind the wheel of the old GTA III after the GTA 5 spectacle, you should take a look at the GTA 3 cheats. In the meantime, GTA 3 is one of the first backward-compatible games to make it from PS2 to PlayStation 4. Of course, there are also cheat codes for new weapons, unlimited ammo and more in this version of GTA 3.

With these cheats, you can adjust certain elements in the course of the game or perform the classic cheat functions, e.g. For example, restore your health, fill the cash register or put all weapons in your inventory.

GTA 3 cheats: first of all, here we know all the amazing GTA 3 Cheats then we are going toward how to activate gta 3 cheats in all the devices 2and how to deactivate them.

Here I will mention all the cheats (money cheats, max health cheats, all spawn vehicles cheat) for all the platforms like – GTA 3 PS2 Cheats & PS3GTA 3 cheats Xbox 360GTA 3 pc cheats and all possible cheats.

GTA 3 = Grand Theft Auto III, it’s an open-world game with amazing graphics great weapons, crazy cheats code, idiots’ missions’ game with a full package.

So, let’s start with PlayStation 2-

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By these cheats you seriously enjoy your game-play very much, this list includes the codes like- Weapons, Full health, Armor, and many more cheats…

To activate cheats in GTA 3, you simply enter the following codes via the keyboard of your PC. For the PlayStation 2 and PlayStation 4, you use the following key combinations.

NOTE: – In the case of Speed ​​and slow code can be used at times to make the game slow or fast.

  1. All Weapons:

Cheat Code: R-2/R-2/ L-1/ R-2/ Left/ Down/ Right/ Up/ Left/ Down/ Right/ Up

Work: This code gives you weapons like – shotgun, Uzi, Molotov cocktail, Grenade, AK47, M16, Sniper Rifle, Flame Thrower, and Rocket Launcher

2. Full health

Cheat Code: R-2/R-2/ L-1/ R-1/ Left/ Down/ Right/ Up/ Left/ Down/ Right/ Up

Work: At the time of playing the game if your vehicle is on fire enter this code and it will enhance you as well as repair your car.

3. Full armor: Get full armor

Cheat Code: R-2/ R-2/ L-1/ L-2/ Left/ Down/ Right/Up/ Left/ Down/ Right/ Up

4. Extra money

Cheat Code: R-2/ R-2/ L-1(2)/ Left/ Down/ Right/Up/ Left/ Down/ Right/ Up

Work: get extra money and buy anything that you want in grand theft auto.

5. Low wanted level

Cheat Code: R-2/R-2/ L-1/ R-2/ Up/ Down/ Up/ Down/ Up/ Down

Work: decrease your star level

6. Higher wanted-level

Cheat Code: R-2/R-2/ L-1/ R-2/ Left/ Right/ Left/ Right/ Left

Work: increase your star level

7. Flying (Dodo) car

Cheat Code: Right/R-2/ O/ R-1/ L-2/ Down/ L-1/ R-1

Work: Fly your any Car or bike or tank. For flying your car press up or just drive vehicle

8. Tank (Rhino)

Cheat Code: O/O/ O/ O/ O/ O/ R-1/ L-2/ L-1/ Triangle/ O/ Triangle

Work: just enter the code and the tank will appear in front of you.

9. Destroy all cars

Cheat Code: L-2, R-2, L-1, R-1, L-2, R-2, Triangle, Square, O, Triangle, L-2, L-1

Work: Blast all the car including yours.

Note– when you going to activate this code don’t stand in front of any car.

10. Better driving skills

Cheat Code: R-1/L-1/ R-2/ L-1/ Left/ R-1/ R-2/ Triangle

Work: With the help of this cheat code you easily drive your vehicle and press X + Square to flip back over.

Effect    GTA 3 PS2 Cheats Code
All WeaponsR-2-
R-2- L-1- R-2- Left- Down- Right- Up- Left- Down- Right- Up
Increased goreSquare,
L-1, O, Down, L-1, R-1, Triangle, Right, L-1, X
L-2, R-1, R-2, R-2, R-1, L-2, X
Overcast skiesL-1,
L-2, R-1, R-2, R-2, R-1, L-2, Square
L-2, R-1, R-2(2), R-1, L-2, O
Normal weatherL-1,
L-2, R-1, R-2(2), R-1, L-2, Triangle
Speed uptimeO,
O, O, Square, Square, Square, Square, Square, L-1, Triangle, O, Triangle
Alternate costumesRight,
Down, Left, Up, L-1, L-2, Up, Left, Down, Right
Pedestrians riotDown,
Up, Left, Up, X, R-1, R-2, L-2, L-1
Pedestrians attackDown,
Up, Left, Up, X, R-1, R-2, L-1, L-2
All pedestrians have weaponsR-2,
R-1, Triangle, X, L-2, L-1, Up, Down
Invisible carsL-1,
L-1, Square, R-2, Triangle, L-1, Triangle
Faster gameplayTriangle,
Up, Right, Down, Square, R-1, R-2
Slower gameplayTriangle,
Up, Right, Down, Square, L-1, L-2
Tank storageO,
O, O, O, O, O, R-1, L-2, L-1, Triangle, O, Triangle
Drive-by shootingR-2
+ O or L-2 + O (shoot Uzi gun)


GTA 3 Cheats PC Code

Enjoy GTA III PC game, with these latest cheats codes, here you grab all possible cheats of a computer all spawn cheats, health, weapons and all…

EffectGTA 3 PC Cheats
Wanted Level
Wanted Level
Improve Driving SkillCORNERSLIKEMAD
Turn Vehicle InvisibleANICESETOFWHEELS
Turn Vehicle InvisibleANICESETOFWHEELS
Pedestrians Fight Each
Other with Weapons
Pedestrians Hate YouNOBODYLIKESME
Pedestrians Fight Each
Foggy WeatherPEASOUP

Note 1: Do the citizen missions with the tank. With the tank, you only have to touch a car.

Note 2: Go to the golf course, sit in a golf cart and enter the cheat.

Note 3: Get into a mafia car and enter the cheat. Now you can drive over the bridge.


GTA 3 Cheats Xbox 360

Without cheats code, there is no fun in GTA 3 game, so if you are looking GTA 3 cheats Xbox 360 then you are in right place, here I make a list of all new and amazing cheats of gta-3, so go below and check out now.

Full HealthBlack- Black- L- R- Left- Down- Right- Up- Left- Down- Right- Up
All WeaponsBlack- Black- L- Black- Left- Down- Right- Up- Left- Down- Right-
Raise Wanted LevelBlack-
Black- L- Black- Left- Right- Left- Right- Left- Right.
Full ArmorBlack- Black- L- White- Left- Down- Right- Up- Left- Down- Right-
Lower Wanted LevelBlack-
Black- L- Black- Up- Down- Up- Down- Up- Down.
Spawn a TankB- B- B- B- B- B- R- White- L- Y- B- Y.
More Money ($250-000)Black-
Black- L- L- Left- Down- Right- Up- Left- Down- Right- Up
Slow GameplayY Up Right Down X R Black.
Speed Up TimeB- B-
B- X- X- X- X- X- L- Y- B- Y.
Change OutfitRight- Down- Left- Up- L- White- Up- Left- Down- Right
Fast GameplayY Up
Right Down X L White.
Pedestrians Fight Each OtherDown- Up- Left- Up- A- R- Black- White- L.
Crazy Pedestrians With WeaponsBlack-
R- Y- A- White- L- Up- Down.
Pedestrians Hate YouDown- Up- Left- Up- A- R- Black- L- White.
Blow Up All VehiclesWhite-
Black- L- R- White- Black- Y- X- B- Y- White- L
Improved Car HandlingR- L- Black- L- Left- R- R- Y.
Increased Gore Mode (no activation message will appear)X- L-
B- Down- L- R- Y- Right- L- A.
Dodo CarRight- Black- B- R- White- Down- L- R.
Clear WeatherL-
White- R- Black- Black- R- White- Y.
Rainy WeatherL- White- R- Black- Black- R- White- B.
Cloudy WeatherL-
White- R- Black- Black- R- White- X.
Foggy WeatherL- White- R- Black- Black- R- White- A.

How get infinite ammo in GTA 3?

To get infinite ammunition, activate the “All Weapons” cheat code continuously as long as all you want is in 9999 shots. The next time your clip plays, it will load automatically but the magazine (9999) will remain the same.

Some Another Facts About GTA 3

GTA 3 was first released for PlayStation 2 in 2001. A Windows implementation followed a few months later. The numerous mods and GTA 3 cheats, in particular, have made the game a perennial favorite on the hard drives of the games. After the game had been under its belt for years and had several sequels, the makers of Rockstar have warmed up the adventures from Liberty City again – GTA III was 1: 1 from the PC version to the portable devices iPhone, iPod, iPad, and Android transfer.

You can also use the above cheats with GTA 3 for iOS or Android. The prerequisite is that you have a device to which an additional keyboard can be connected via Bluetooth. So you can also enjoy the GTA III cheats in the portable versions of the game via the Bluetooth keyboard. The cheats also work on the recently released PS2 version of GTA 3 on PlayStation 4.

Cheat Setting

When you have entered all the cheats you need, enter the armor cheat (TURTOISE) again, but omit the end letter, i.e. the E. If you now have hardly any armor left, you only need to press the E and you get full armor again.

It is similar with the weapons cheat (GUNSGUNSGUNS). If you enter GUNS again after entering the cheat, you will immediately receive more ammunition for your weapons. The more you enter GUNS after the normal cheat, the more ammo you get. When you reach 9999, the ammunition no longer drops, but remains at 9999 until death.

Secret Island

If you entered the cheat CHITTYCHITTYBB, drive to the broken bridge. Drive along the side and drive quickly to the loch. You fly over the hole and you are there. You want back just do the same?

Flying With a Police Car (permanent)

How to make the Rhino faster and more robust:

Goes to the GTA III folder (normally it should be in My Computer \ (C:) \ Program Files \ Rockstar Games)

Then go to the Data folder and open the “handling.cfg” file with the editor.

You have a list of all vehicles in the game in front of you.

If you remove the number code under “Rhino” and insert “90000.0 3.5 8.0 3.8 0.0 0.0 0.0 10 2.00 0.5 0.5 4 200.0 30.0 4 D 10.0 0.50 0 10.0 4.8 0.1 1.12 -2.00 110000 1.50 -0.50 0.5 4003 0 1”, the tank becomes faster and more robust.

When I inserted the same code into “Police”, it started to lift off slightly (without the cheat), overall it drove it very, very hard.

But the advantage is that you can easily remove other cars. With the police car!!

Now for flying:

Enter the cheat “CHITTYCHITTYBB”, drive to the bridge to Staunton Island. Drive past the barrier to the bridge and slowly a few hundred meters towards the middle of the bridge.

Shortly before you accelerate and “float” over the hole.

Don’t go off the gas, but keep racing. You take off again and only fly over the traffic light at the end of the bridge, but you don’t stop and cross the sea and finally reach shore side vale. You can also steer in the air, but be careful, you could crash.

Maybe you will find other places where you can fly.

Mega-Fast and Almost Indestructible Car

You go to the folder where you installed GTA 3, so on Rockstar Games and do the following:

You go to the GTA 3 folder, then to Data, then to handling.cfg. Scroll down a little where the whole numbers are. Looks a bit complicated.

Important: Make a backup copy beforehand if you don’t like it and want to edit another car.

Letter A stand for the cars. Find your favorite car.

Go to line B for the weight, so you enter 99999.0.

Then line N for speed follows, so you enter 999.0.

Finally comes the line Y and there you enter 0.01 for almost indestructibility.

Now you save and look for the car that you have edited.

You can easily drive away any car, they fly away like toy cars and even get money if you ram a lot of cars. Of course, it doesn’t work if you ram another car of the same type. For example, taxi versus taxi is not possible because the data are identical.

And you only have to be afraid of the Rhino (tank) if you have wanted stars 6 because your car will explode at the slightest touch.

Otherwise it can do almost nothing except against weapons and when the car is on the roof.


Fallout 4: console commands for God Mode, ammunition, items and more

The console commands  for Fallout 4 should not be new to veterans of the series. Open the console via Ö and enter one of the following commands

With the Fallout 4 cheats, you don’t have to follow any rules in the post-apocalypse role-playing game. With the following codes you get immortality through infinite health, ensure that you never have to search for ammunition again or simply conjure up the desired items. We give you an overview of all cheats and item codes.

If you just want to have fun in the wasteland and do nonsense, you are served with the Fallout 4 console commands. In the following guide we show you all cheats and codes for items, weapons and ammunition at a glance. If you prefer to play Fallout 4 in an honest way, we will give you an overview of all the locations of the dolls  as well as tips and tricks for the perfect start to the post-apocalypse .

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Fallout 4: Console Commands On PS4 And Xbox One?

Because it is known from the PC version, you may be wondering whether you can also use the cheats on the console versions of Fallout 4. Unfortunately, this is not possible! You cannot activate cheats on PS4 and Xbox One.

As usual with Bethesda games, Fallout 4 also has a secret developer room where you can find all the items in the game. In the following video we explain exactly how to get into this room!

Fallout 4 Console Commands: All Codes At A Glance

The cheats only work for the PC version of Fallout 4. You enter them via the console, which you call up by default on German keyboards using the “ö” key. You can do this at any time during the game and gain some advantages.

Attention! By using cheats, the successes of Fallout 4 are deactivated! In addition, the use of console commands is not supported by Bethesda and, in the worst case, can lead to the destruction of saved files. However, this has not yet happened to us. Nevertheless, the use of console commands in Fallout 4 is at your own risk!

Do you consider yourself a real fan of the Fallout series? Then check this with the following picture series, in which we also present hardcore fans at least one fact that they did not know yet!


Fallout 4 Cheats: Find out and use IDs

With a simple cheat you have the possibility to spawn any item directly into the inventory. Either take an ID directly from our list or look for the item code of an item in your inventory by opening the console and clicking on the item. The ID will then be shown to you.

With the following code you spawn an item in your inventory:

  • player.additem (item code) (X)
Cheat codeeffect
tgmGod Mode: You get infinite health, ammo, and action points (AP).
tmm 1Show you all locations on the world map.
unlockOpens the selected door or hacks the selected computer terminal.
kill (id)Kill the targeted target or creature with the appropriate ID.
killallKill all NPCs in a limited area of ​​influence.
resurrect (id)The living being with the corresponding ID is revived.
taiTurns the NPC’s AI on and off.
tcaiToggles the NPC’s AI on and off in combat.
tclToggles NoClip mode on and off. The collision query is deactivated and you can walk through walls.
tfcTurns on free roaming. You can move freely in the game world with the camera.
tmMenus and HUD are hidden. Attention! The console is also invisible!
sexchangeChanges the gender of your game character.
coc qasmoke (see video above)You will be teleported to a room with boxes that contain every single item in the game world. In this way you can also find out each item ID by activating the console and clicking on a desired item.
coc ufocrashsite01 (see video above)You will be teleported out of the room with all objects.
player.setav carryweight (number)Increase your carrying capacity by the entered value.
set timescale to (number)By entering any numerical value you can speed up or slow down the time in the game.
tdetectThe AI ​​is no longer aware of you. For example, you can steal any item.
caqsThe main quest is completed (be careful of spoilers!).
player.modav (skill) (number)Increases a skill of your choice by the corresponding number.
player.setlevel (number)Increases your player level to the entered value.
setscale (value between 1 and 10)Your goal gets bigger.
player.setav speedmult (number)Increases your walking speed according to the entered value.
setgs fJumpHeightMin (number)The larger the entered value, the higher you jump. But be aware of the fall damage if you don’t have a God Mode active.
player.additem (item code) (#)Add an item to your inventory (see list below).
player.placeatme (item code)Spawn an item or NPC near you (see list below).
player.addperk (perk code)Learns the corresponding perk (see list below). Attention! If you want to learn perks of higher ranks, you first have to enter the codes of the ranks in front.


List of all item codes

From the following list you can choose the desired codes for certain items, weapons and ammunition and use them in combination with the cheats  player.additem {item code} {number} and  player.placeatme {item code}.


Bottle cap0000000F
Fusion core00075FE4
Pip boy0001EE7C
Nuka Cola Quantum0004835F
Rad Away00023742
duct tape0004D1F2
Fiber optic00069087
Nuclear material00069086
Toy alien00059B2B
Large baby bottle001A899B
Switchboard, military standard00154AD2


Scrap deliveries
Aluminum (50)001EC136
Antiseptic (25)001EC139
Asbestos (25)001EC13A
Ballistic fiber (25)001EC138
Concrete (50)001EC13F
Lead (25)001EC149
Fertilizer (25)001EC143
Spring (25)001EC151
Fiberglass (25)001EC144
Glass (25)001EC147
Fiber optic (25)001EC145
Gold (25)001EC148
Rubber (25)001EC14E
Wooden (100)001EC152
Ceramic (25)001EC13B
Adhesive (50)001EC134
Cork (25)001EC141
Crystal (25)001EC142
Copper (25)001EC140
Leather (25)001EC14A
Nuclear Material (25)001EC14B
Oil (25)001EC14C
Plastic (25)001EC14D
Circuits (50)001EC13D
Screw (25)001EC14F
Silver (25)001EC150
Steel (100)001EC131
Fabric (25)001EC13E
Acid (25)001EC133
Gears (25)001EC146


Bobble dolls
Perceptual bobble doll00178B5D
Energy weapon bobblehead00178B56
Speech jiggle00178B62
Melee bobble doll00178B5C
Intelligence jiggle00178B58
Castle cracking bobble doll00178B59
Large arms loose doll00178B53
Science bobble doll00178B5F
Charisma bobble doll00178B54
Explosive bobble doll00178B57
Starch loose doll00178B63
Medicine bobble doll00178B5B
Repair bobble doll00178B5E
Schleich bobble doll00178B61
Trade bobble doll00178B52
Small arms loose doll00178B60
Unarmed bobble doll00178B64
Endurance bobblehead00178B55
Happiness loose doll00178B5A
Agility bobblehead00178B51


Cryolator (freezes opponents)00171B2B
Fatman (shoots mini atomic bombs)000BD56F
Gatling laser000E27BC
Gauss rifle000D1EB0
Rocket launcher0003F6F8
Power fist0011B336
Revolutionary sword00143AB5
Track rifle000FE268
Submachine gun0015B043
Combat shotgun0014831C
Walking stick000FDC7D
Chain blade000FA2F6
0.44 pistol (short-term)000CE97D
10mm pistol0005DF2D
Aggressotron laser000DD4B1
Artillery smoke grenade0012E2CA
Nuclear mine0010A340
Explosive device00065DF2
Baseball grenade00107BD6
Baseball bat0008E736
Behemoth heavyweight000662A7
Pool cue000FA3E8
Lead pipe000FC9C3
Blood beetle blood fog00031FB8
Boxing gloves0016498F
Double-barreled shotgun00062AA4
Double-barreled shotgun (short)00092217
Fusion core ejection000865E9
Gamma cannon000DDB7C
Dummy trap000001F6
HalluciGen grenade000E98E5
Impro rifle (short)00024F55
Impro-repeater rifle or pistol0014831A
Impro revolver pistol0014831B
Impro-revolver pistol (comfort grip)0005BBA7
Pulse grenade000FF21F
Impulse mine0010A344
Injector rifle (short)0014D09E
Institute rifle0005A665
Institute pistol or rifle001633CC
Institute EM pulse grenade0018325E
Institute direction finder00174F8F
Hunting rifle (short)0004F46A
Combat Rifle (Short)000DF42E
Combat knife000913CA
Cross key00185D25
Bottle cap refill0010771F
Cryo grenade000FF21D
Cryo mine0010C669
Larval saliva0003175B
Laser rifle0005BBA6
Laser rifle (automatic)0009983B
Laser gun00148B48
Laser musket0001DACF
Flare gun001025AC
Liberty Prime laser00110414
Molotow cocktail0010C3C6
Rolling pin00142FAB
Nuka grenade000E5750
Plasma weapon (random)00100AE9
Plasma grenade0010A33D
Preston’s Laser Muscle (Bundled)00062AA6
Protektron head laser00144FAD
Pipe wrench000D83BF
Sound attack000FC3EC
Sniper rifle0005BBA4
Brass knuckles0005524B
Baton (guard)0008C14D
Homemade weapon0014831D
Sentry bot left minigun000B0F56
Sentry Bot Right Minigun000CFB49
Sentry Bot Left Rocket Launcher000CFB4D
Sentry bot right rocket launcher000B0F58
Frag grenade000EEBED
Splinter mine000E56C2
Jumping knife000FDC81
Spitting attack0009F24D
Assault rifle (automatic)0000463F
Super hammer000FF964
Synth transmitter grenade000589F2
Test grenade launcher000CA0B0
Vertibird signal grenade00056917


Legendary weapons
Grognak’s ax00183FCD
Kremvh’s Tooth00225B5E
Shem Drowne Sword238734
Lorenzo’s artifact pistol002266FB
Doner knife000FA2FB
Savior pistol (silenced)000DC8E7
World Series 2076 baseball bat000E9A43
Zeta gun002266FC
Alien blaster pistol000FF995
Experiment 18-AFF001795
Death Claw Glove000D8576
Power fist0011B336
Junk jet000E942B
Chinese officer’s sword00147BE4


5mm ammunition0001F66C
Mini atomic bomb000E6B2E
Cryo cell0018ABE2
.308 ammunition0001F66B
.38 ammunition0004CE87
.44 ammunition0009221C
Alien blaster ammunition001025AA
Gasoline for the flame thrower000CAC78
Fusion cell000C1897
Gamma ammunition000DF279
Plasma cartridge0001DBB7
Railway spikes000FE269
.45 ammunition0001F66A
.50 caliber0001F279
5.56 ammunition0001F278
10mm ammunition0001F276
Shot cartridges0001F673
2mm electromagnetic cartridge0018ABDF


Radiation protection suitFF001F66
Minutemen general hat001C2216
Minutemen general uniform001C2214
Minutemen hat000316D4
SB combat suit000DEDEB
Self-service combat suit (undercover)00148B86
SB hood000E1A39
Self-service officer combat suit00134294
SB uniform00169523
Armored railroad coat0013BCD1
Armored Railroad coat Mk I001BBCB5
Armored Mk II coat001BBCB6
Armored Mk III coat001BBCB7
Armored railroad coat Mk IV001BBCB8
Armored Railroad coat Mk V001BBCB9
Blue institute departmental lab coat001B34FA
Blue institute lab coat001A5CFD
Yellow institute departmental lab coat001B34FE
Yellow institute lab coat001B350A
Green institute departmental smock001B34FC
Green institute lab coat001A5CFB
Institute departmental lab coat001236AD
Institute lab coat0011E7B9
Institute overalls0011E7B8
Orange institute departmental lab coat001B34FD
Dirty blue institute departmental lab coat001B3502
Dirty blue institute lab coat001ACD0C
Dirty yellow institute department chief coat001B3508
Dirty yellow institute lab coat001B350B
Dirty green institute departmental lab coat001B3504
Dirty green institute lab coat001ACD0A
Dirty institute departmental lab coat001ACD06
Dirty institute lab coat001ACD0A
Dirty institute sweater001AB214
Dirty orange departmental lab coat001B3506
Black institute lab coat001B350D
Dirty black institute lab coat001B350C
Agatha’s dress000F15CF
All-purpose jumpsuit00039A66
Army uniform00023431
Baseball clothing00144F03
Damaged chemical protective suit0018B214
Bomber jacket000E1AF6
Cait’s bandolier001921D8
Chemical protective suit000CEAC4
Covenant Security Service (armor)00156C0D
DB Tech uniform001641F8
Wedding ring0007C70C
Wedding ring0008925C
Explorer outfit000732AC
feather dress001B5F1B
Flannel shirt and jeans00117EB9
Bum outfit000B2D8D
Floral dress00156D02
Prison rags0011609B
Patched blue jacket000A740B
Patched suit000A28D7
Patched three-piece000A36BE
Yellow trench coat000DF455
Gray knitted hat000F6D84
Greaser jacket and jeans0014BF50
Grognak costume001828CC
Green shirt and combat boots001942D6
Docker outfit001536F4
Braces and pants000FC102
Engineering armor000DEDE7
Inspector outfit000B3F4C
Atom Cats jacket and jeans0014BF53
Check shirt and pants0013D65E
Kellogg’s outfit001153DB
Children’s uniform0016BFFE
Colonial dust coat0001F17B
Lab coat00178B68
Agricultural clothing000E5084
Long rags of the children of Atom000E6F18
Casual outfit001410EC
Casual outfit00174D2F
Leather suit000AF0E2
Leather coat000732B5
Light clothing00019568
Lorenzo’s suit00169BBA
Rags with hood000B3F4E
MacCready’s dust coat000D415A
Mascot head0011E46D
Mechanic suit0005E76C
Mechanic suit001C26B9
Military barrett0016892E
Military uniform0016892C
Sequin dress0011A27B
Pastor’s robe001467A4
Beaded blazer0004D6A3
Raiders outfit000732AE
Postman uniform00146174
Tank top and pants000DFFC5
Quinlan’s armor00136335
RAD deerskin outfit00034595
Raider leather0018E3F7
Reginald’s outfit000F15D0
Clean room suit00115AEC
Cleanroom suit with hood00115AEB
Travel leather coat000732B9
Rex’s suit000F15D2
Red frock coat00116806
Red leather trench coat0009F252
Red dress000FD9A8
Runner uniform0012A332
Armor of the Mission Scholar000E370E
Armor of the Science Scholar000E44FF
Clean clothes000E6288
Clean blue suit001BDDF9
Clean striped suit001BDDFB
Clean gray suit001BDDFA
Clean light brown suit00151E34
Clean black suit001BDDF8
Clean blue dress0014D08F
Clean green dress000EECF5
Shabby skirt001B828C
Dirty army uniform0019CBB3
Dirty postman uniform00146177
Dirty blue suit001BDE05
Dirty striped suit001BDE07
Dirty gray suit001BDE06
Dirty light brown suit00151E30
Dirty black suit001BDE04
Dirty trench coat001223CB
Black vest and pants000FC100
Silver Shroud costume0002F525
Silver Shroud costume000DED27
Silver Shroud costume000DED28
Silver Shroud costume000DED29
Silver Shroud costume000E1A25
Silver Shroud outfit0014E58B
Summer clothes0014941A
Sports jacket and jeans001574C7
Synth uniform0012B91D
Camo tank top0009AC97
Teagan’s armor00136166
T-shirt and pants0014B019
Submarine sailor uniform00118864
Undershirt and jeans000FFC21
Father’s lab coat0014FBD0
Vault 101 suit000976B3
Vault 111 suit0001EED7
Vault 111 suit (new)000976B7
Vault 114 suit000976B5
Vault 81 suit001103A4
Vault 81 Security Service (Armor)00154F10
Vault-Tec lab coat00068CF3
Vault-Tec security service (helmet)000821B6
Vault-Tec security service (armor)000821B4
Faded trench coat000E2E2C
Winter jacket and jeans00117EB7
Zekes jacket and jeans0014A0DC
Torn field jacket000732B1


Fight left arm0011D3C7
Fight right arm0011D3C6
Fighting helmet0011E2C8
Fight left leg0011D3C5
Fight right leg0011D3C4
Fight torso0011D3C3
Leather left arm0007B9C7
Leather right arm0007B9C3
Leather left leg0007B9C4
Leather right leg0007B9C5
Leather torso0007B9C6
Metal left arm0004B933
Metal right arm000536C1
Metal helmet000787D3
Metal left leg000536C2
Metal right leg000536C3
Metal torso000536C4
Raider left arm0018E411
Raider right arm0018E413
Raider left leg0018E40F
Raider right leg0018E40D
Raider torso0018E415
Synth left arm0018796C
Synth right arm0018796E
Synth combat helmet0018796A
Synth helmet00187976
Synth left leg00187972
Synth right leg00187970
Synth torso00187974


Worn felt hat000E5086
Scuffed felt hat000E2E2E
Army helmet00023432
Baseball cap00144F04
Mining helmet001240F1
Blue baseball helmet000F6D8C
Brown pilot helmet000D4166
Captain Ironsides hat000F6D85
Dirty felt hat001223CD
Elegant hat000FC396
felt hat000A36C0
Gas mask000787D8
Gas mask with glasses001184C1
Yellow felt hat000DF457
Yellow pilot helmet00042565
Green hood000787EC
Green rag hat000B3F4D
Mission Scholar’s Hat000E3710
Captain’s cap000F6D89
Chef hat000F6D88
Coastguard hat000F6D87
Airship captain’s hat0013AEF5
Militia hat000E517D
Grandpa Savoldi’s hat00122246
Pilot helmet000E1AF8
Reporter hat000A81AF
Sack hood0018E417
Sack hood with straps0018E41B
Sack hood with hoses0018E419
Lard curl wig00165602
Dirty army helmet0019CBB1
Hard hat000F6D86
Welding helmet000DEDE9
Security service (helmet)00156C0B
Silver Shroud hat0014E58E
Storm gas mask0007239E
Melee Melee001BA8DA
Inventor’s helmet001832F5
Submarine sailor hat00118865
Wrapped hat000787DB
Faded visor0012571C
Newspaper seller cap000A740E
Crumpled felt hat000A28D8



Black frame glasses00125891
Liam’s glasses001B5B26
Medical glasses000E4501
Fashionable glasses000FD9AA
Motorcycle goggles000A81B0
Police sunglasses001738AA
safety goggles000536C5
Welding goggles000787D9


Blue bandana0017E917
Surgical mask000787DA
Striped neckerchief0017E924
Green Gunner bandana0017E923
Jangles neckerchief0017E91C
Leopard print bandana0017E91B
Patriots neckerchief0017E925
Red pilot helmet0004322C
Red bandana0009C05B
Camouflage pattern neckerchief0017E922
Skull neckerchief0017E91D


Power armor
Raider helmet00140C54
Raider torso00140C57
Raider left arm00140C52
Raider right arm00140C53
Raider left leg00140C55
Raider right leg00140C56
T-45 helmet00154ABF
T-45 left arm00154ABD
T-45 left leg00154AC0
T-45 right arm00154ABE
T-45 right leg00154AC1
T-45 torso00154AC2
T-51 helmet00140C4E
T-51 Left arm00140C4C
T-51 Left leg00140C4F
T-51 Right arm00140C4D
T-51 right leg00140C50
T-51 torso00140C51
T-60 helmet00140C4A
T-60 left arm00140C3D
T-60 Left leg00140C49
T-60 Right arm00140C45
T-60 right leg00140C3F
T-60 torso00140C42
X-01 helmet00154AC5
X-01 left arm00154AC3
X-01 left leg00154AC6
X-01 right arm00154AC4
X-01 right leg00154AC7
X-01 torso00154AC8


Complete power armor (player.placeatme {ID})
Raider (full armor)137B81
Raider (full armor, partly model II)140EA6
Raider (variation I with fusion core)21E09C
Raider (Variation II with fusion core)153392
Raider (left leg and left arm)154ABC
T-45 (full armor)219C2D
T-45 (full armor)17FB09
T-45 (full armor)18AE55
T-45 (full armor without fusion core)18AE57
T-45 (full armor without fusion core)19DED9
T-45 (incomplete with fusion core)18AE56
T-45 (incomplete with fusion core)4A9C1
T-45 (incomplete without fusion core)18AE58
T-45b (variation with fusion core)1A94EB
T-51 (full armor)34309
T-51 (incomplete with fusion core)1A9078
T-51 (incomplete without fusion core)162AC7
T-60 (full armor)17FB0A
T-60 (full armor without fusion core)61D9B
T-60 (full armor without fusion core)61D9B
T-60 Atom Cats (Full Armor)1865CA
T-60 (mixed without fusion core)1A9077
T-60 (SB I, full armor)181503
T-60b (SB II, incomplete)873BB
T-60b (SB II, full armor)181520
T-60b (SB II, incomplete with fusion core)19E76A
T-60b (SB II, full armor)1D9046
T-60d (SB V, Paladin Brandis power armor)1722B8
T-60f (SB VII, Elder Maxson’s power armor)1722B2
T-60b (SB III, full armor)181521
T-60b (SB III, Ritter-Sergeant Gavils power armor)1908C3
T-60c (SB IV, full armor)181522
T-60d (SB V, full armor)181504
T-60d (SB V, incomplete)198534
T-60d (SB V, incomplete)1BBFCC
T-60d (SB V, full armor)1D9047
T-60e (SB VI, full armor)182F19
T-60f (SB VII, full armor)181505
T-60f (SB VII, incomplete)198533
T-60 (military, full armor)185D62
X-01 (full armor without fusion core)170446


Armor Mods: Click on Armor + attachmod {ID} or amod {ID} ( removemod {ID} to remove)
Acrobat’s (50% less fall damage)1F1DF9
Almost Unbreakable (quadrupled durability for power armor)1F1E0C
Assassin’s (15% less human damage)1F1DF3
Bolstering (increased energy and damage resistance with little health)1F8165
Cavalier’s (15% less damage when blocking and sprinting)1F579D
Chameleon (harder to spot while sneaking)1F4D18
Cunning (+1 on perception and mobility)1CF57C
Duelist’s (10% chance to disarm an opponent on strike)1F3A49
Exterminator’s (15% less damage from Mirelurks and Beetles)1F81ED
Fortifying (+1 on strength and endurance)1CF57F
Freefall (no fall damage)93BBD
Ghoul Slayer’s (15% less damage from ghouls)1F1DEE
Herbalist’s (+25 poison resistance)1F3072
Hunter’s (15% less damage from animals)1F1DEB
Low Weight1F1E0B
Lucky (+2 on luck)1CF57E
Martyr’s (Slowed Health at 20% or less in combat)1F2D3D
Mutant Slayer’s (15% less damage from super mutants)1E6848
Powered (increased AP regeneration rate)1F7A75
Punishing (throws 10% damage back to the attacker)1F1E47
Safecracker’s (easier lock picking)1F3CA9
Sharp (+1 on charisma and intelligence)1CF57D
Sprinter’s (15% faster sprint speed)1F1C2F
Titan’s (you take 15% less damage when standing and not moving)1F57E4
Troubleshooter’s (15% less damage from robots)1F81EE
VATS Enhanced (10% less AP costs in VATS)1F1D62


Armor for dogmeat
Light armor001B5ACC
Heavy armor001C32C7
Dog collar00034602
Dog helmet0018B210
Dog collar (chain)0018B210
Red bandana0009C05B
Blue bandana0017E917
Gunners Camo Bandana0017E922
Gunner’s green bandana0017E923
Leopard print bandana0017E91B
Jangles bandana0017E91C
Skull bandana0017E91D
Stars and Stripes bandana0017E925
Striped bandana0017E924

Fallout 4: Skills for using weapons


Open the console and type player.addper into the console, followed by one of the codes below to get one of the perks listed .

Attention: If you want to unlock all ranks, it is not enough to enter the code of the highest rank, all of them really have to be entered!

The codes start at rank 1, continue with rank 2 etc.

Perks (player.addperk {code})
First League
Rank 14A0B5
Rank 2E36FC
Rank 3E36FC
Rank 4E36FE
Rank 565E05


Rank 165DF9
Rank 265DFA
Rank 365DFB
Rank 465DFC


Rank 14A0C5
Rank 24A0C6
Rank 34A0C7
Rank 46FA24
Rank 565E0D


Explosives expert
Rank 14C923
Rank 24C924
Rank 34C925
Rank 465E13


Rifle shooters
Rank 14A0B6
Rank 24A0B7
Rank 34A0B8
Rank 46FA20
Rank 565E52


Rank 14292A
Rank 24292B
Rank 34292C


Big and heavy
Rank 14A0D6
Rank 24A0D7
Rank 34A0D8
Rank 465E2A
Rank 565E2B


Iron fist
Rank 11DAFE
Rank 21DAFD
Rank 31DB00
Rank 465E42
Rank 565E43


Rank 14A09F
Rank 24A0A9
Rank 34A0AA
Rank 46FA1E
Rank 565E24


Skills for building settlements and crafting

In the console it should look like this: player.addperk 1D1A62 .

Open the console and type in “player.addperk” (without the quotes). Then you have to enter the following codes to unlock the skill – there is a space in between.

You have to make sure that you enter all ranks. If you only enter the code for rank 3, only rank 3 is unlocked. Buildings or mods that need rank 2 remain blocked. In the list below, rank 1 is the first code, rank 2 the second, etc.

Perks  for settlement construction  and crafting  (player.addperk {code})
Gun freak
Rank 14A0DA
Rank 24A0DB
Rank 34A0DC


Rank 14B254
Rank 24B255
Rank 34B256
Rank 41797EA


Rank 1264D9
Rank 2264DA
Rank 3264DB
Rank 416578F


Rank 14B253
Rank 24B26A
Rank 3264D8


Master dealer
Rank 11D2456
Rank 2D75E2
Rank 31D2457


Rank 14C926
Rank 26FA1C
Rank 36FA1D
Rank 465E35


Local leader
Rank 14D88D
Rank 21D2468


Paladin Danse0005DE4D
Preston Garvey0001A4D7
Nick Valentine00002F25


Companion – Perks  (player.addperk {ID})
Trigger Rush (Cait)001F4187
Robot Sympathy (Codsworth)001EB99B
Combat Medic (Curie)001E67BC
Cloak & Dagger (Deacon)0008530E
Isodoped (Hancock)00178D57
Close to Metal (Nick Valentine)001E67BD
Know Your Enemy (Paladin Danse)0008428D
Gift of Gab (Piper)00178D54
United We Stand (Preston Garvey)00084298
Killshot (MacCready)00178D50
Berserk (Strong)00084290
Shield Harmonics (X6-88)000842A0


Holoband games
Red danger000E5082
Atomic Command0006167B
Zeta invaders00072803
Grognak and the Ruby Ruins000727FA


Muta berries000D3EA7


Billiard balls
10 ball0018E4E7
12 ball0018E4EB


Fallout 4 Contraptions: console commands for new items

Thanks to the DLC “Contraptions”, many new items have found their way into your workshop settlements. You can build construction machines, conveyor belts, elevators and fireworks. You can also simply cheat the items. Just take a look at the table below, in which we list the item codes for items. Remember that you have to enter the commands into the console according to the following pattern: player.additem

Item codeobject
## 063b71Mortar projectile
## 063b73Fireworks mortar
## 000900Mortar projectile “clear sky”
## 000901Mortar projectile “Regen”
## 000906“Radsturm” mortar projectile
## 00092bEmergency mortar
Logic gate
## 000893AND logic gate
## 000899NAND logic gate
## 00089aNOR logic gate
## 00089bNOT logic gate
## 00089cOR logic gate
## 00099cXOR logic gate
## 000d26XNOR logic gate
Construction machinery
## 000abePyrotechnic mill
## 000aa5Food mixer
## 000977Steel ball

Further item codes are to follow in the future. So check back from time to time as we will regularly update the Fallout 4 console commands with new codes for weapons, items and more.


[latest] eu4 console commands: All Latest Commands 2020

Today our topic is as you read the tile is all about eu4 console commands, in all my articles I try to give you all possible amazing and latest commands or cheats code. So, as on your comment (demand) I decided to write an article about Europa universalis 4. I never ever play this game in my whole life and I even don’t too little thing about eu4,

So I have a request for all my reader if there is any mistake in this article please forgive me or comment below so I resolve it.


Europa Universalis 4 can sometimes be really challenging, especially for newbies in the series. This is remedied by the unpopular but often used cheat codes, of which there are a lot in Europe Universalis IV. Do you really want to wipe one out of your invincible arch enemy? Do you need large amounts of gold or ruler points quickly? No problem! Now the solution is coming!

Check Also – Fallout 4 Console Commands

How to Use eu4 Console Commands

To enter the cheat commands, you have to open the console. Which key that is depends on the keyboard layout. For me, § and “(SHIFT + 2) worked.

Before we start the actual cheats, there is a brief explanation of the IDs and tags that you need for some commands:

<ProvinceID> = You can see the province ID in the Steam folder under ” Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Europa Universalis IV \ history \ provinces”. Each file in this folder has the ID and the associated province name in its name.

<CountryTag> = As with <ProvinceID>, only in the folder ” Steam \ SteamApps \ common \ Europa Universalis IV \ history \ countries”.

Top eu4 Console Commands List

Europ- Universalis-4-extended-timeline-formable-nations-console-commands

This list contains only best eu4 cheats, by the help of these commands you easily earn golds, strength, stability, military power and many amazing things.

NOTE: If you looking Full list of eu4 country tags then go below and check out.

Cheat Command




helpDisplays all console commandsYes
cash <value>Gives goldcash 1000Yes
prestige <value>Gives prestigeprestige 5thYes
manpower <value>Gives man strength (x1,000)manpower 1Yes
stability <value>Gives stabilitystability 1Yes
legitimacy <value>Sets legitimacy to value Xlegitimacy 100Yes
adm <value>Gives administrative poweradm 10Yes
dip <value>Gives diplomatic powerdip 10Yes
mil <value>Gives military powermil 10Yes
pietyGives 10 Piety (Islam Only)Yes
add_core <ProvinceID>Province becomes core provinceadd_core 65Yes
fowFog of war on / offYes
winwarssets war status to 100%Yes
kill_cardinalKill the first cardinal in the list Yes
kill_heir <CountryTag>Kill the target nation’s heirkill_heir AUGYes
tiTerra Incognita on / offYes
vassalize <CountryTag>The target country becomes a vassalvassalize ALGYes
win <ProvinceID>Wins siegewins 167Yes
imperial_authority <value>Set Imperial Authority to Ximperial_authority 100Yes
kill <CountryTag>Kill the target country monarchkill HABYes
annex <CountryTag>Begins annexation of …annex HABYes
integrate <CountryTag>Integrating a countryintegrate HABYes
controll <ProvinceID>Occupied provincecontroll 65Yes
own <ProvinceID>Acquires provinceown 65Yes
add_pi <CountryTag>Gives nation 100 pope flowadd_pi LITYes
add_heir <CountryTag>Gives target country an heiradd_heir ALGYes
next songChanges the current songYes
discover <CountryTag>“Discover” a country’s main provincediscover ZANYes
add_reformlevel <value>Set level of imperial reforms (1-8)add_reformlevel 4Yes
nopausetextHides the break bannerYes
revolt <ProvinceID>Start a revoltrevolt 173Yes
pirate <ProvincID>Set piratespirate 1276Yes

There are some other cheat codes, but nobody will use them.

List-1: of eu4 Console Commands 2020

As I told you this list contains all possible Console commands of eu4 (Europe Universalis IV). By the help of these commands you do whatever you want like- extra money, extra power, extra age everything.

NOTE – In the effect of commands section there is an error so if you have any issue or questions then please comment below.


eu4 console commands

europa universalis 4 country tags

Effect Of Commands

ageage [game age]This Cheats may be Used to alter this of this match to Age of Biology, Age of Reformation, Age of Absolutism or Age. See debate advice to your match IDs (0-3).
age_heirage_heir [age] [country tag]This Cheats Changes the era of the heir of one’s existing nation. If you define a nation label, age the heir of this country is going to be affected.
add_backeradd_backer [province id]This Cheats leaves The state with the designated ID turned into a backer (in service) of this present difficulty that’s running in parliament. DLC: Wise Practice
add_baseunrestadd_baseunrest [province id] [amount]This Cheats adds The given amount into the specified state’s base unrest. Establish a negative figure to eliminate base unrest.
add_cardinaladd_cardinalThis Cheats adds 1 cardinal to a present state (given its catholic).
add_cbadd_cb [casus belli id] [country tag] [country tag]This Cheats adds The given Casus Belli from the country together with the tag. Establish another country label to ship the Casus Belli from this nation, as opposed to from the country you’re now playing as.
add_claimadd_claim [province id] [country tag]This Cheats asserts The state with the designated ID for your present nation, or even the country with all the designated country label (should you define a nation label).
add_colonistadd_colonist [country tag]This Cheats adds a Colonist into the united states with the designated country label. NOTE: In the event the country has a minimum of 1 colonist, this Cheats can reset current colonist stats/values.
add_consortadd_consort [country tag] [country tag]This cheat provides a Consort into an existing nation. If you define a nation label, the consort is going to be inserted into this nation. If you define another country label, the consort is going to be of this viability. DLC: Each of Individual
add_coreadd_core [province id] [country tag]This Cheats leaves The state with the given ID a heart of this country it belongs.
add_devastationadd_devastation [province id] [devastation amount]This Cheats adds The specified quantity of jealousy into the specified state.
add_diploadd_diplo [country tag]This Cheats adds a Diplomatic end route into the united states with the tag.
add_factionadd_faction [faction name]This Cheats adds That the faction using the stated name into the united states you’re presently playing with as.
add_heiradd_heir [country tag]This Cheats adds an Heir to an own country – or the united states with the designated country label (should you define a nation label). When an heir already is present, this command will automatically exchange the heir using a brand new heir.
add_idea_groupadd_idea_group [idea group key] [country tag]This Cheats adds The specified thought set to an own country, or the designated country label. Watch our idea set ID set for IDs.
add_interestadd_interest [country tag]This Cheats adds a Country (given by means of a nation label) to an interest.
add_issueadd_issue [issue id]This Cheats adds A matter, given with its id/key, to parliament. DLC: Wise Practice
add_liberty_desireadd_liberty_desire [amount] [country tag]This Cheats may be Used to remove or add autonomy desire from the nation, given by its country label.
add_local_autonomyadd_local_autonomy [province id] [amount]This Cheats adds a Specified quantity of community autonomy into the state with all the designated ID.
add_loyaltyadd_loyalty [estate id] [amount]This Cheats adds Devotion to the real estate with the designated ID. Establish a poor number to eliminate devotion. See debate excuse for real estate IDs.
add_missionaryadd_missionary [country tag]This Cheats adds a Missionary into the united states with the designated country label.
add_nativesadd_natives [province id] [amount]This Cheats adds natives into the State with the designated ID. The total added is equal to this quantity chosen multiplied by 100: a period of just one could add 100 natives.
add_opinionadd_opinion [source country tag] [target country tag]This Cheats enhances a nation’s Opinion of some other country by 100.

LIST No.-2: (Europa Universalis 4) eu4 console commands 2020

This is the 2nd list, that contains 23 latest console commands in January 2020, by the help of these cheats you enjoy your gameplay.




add_pa [country tag]This cheat provides 10 percent patriarch jurisdiction Into the united states together with the specified label.
add_permanent_claimadd_permanent_claim [province id] [country tag]This Cheats will make a permanent Assert of a state for the designated country. A lasting claim doesn’t perish.
add_piadd_pi [country tag]This Cheats will include 100 Papal Influence into the united states with the tag.
add_prosperityadd_prosperity [province id] [progress %]This Cheats may be utilized to create a State progress farther towards wealth. Establish a poor number to decrease a state’s wealth advancement.
add_reformleveladd_reformlevel [amount]This Cheats may be utilized to Improve the Identification degree of this Holy Roman Empire.
add_republican_traditionadd_republican_tradition [amount] [country tag]This Cheats will include the given A mount of Republican Tradition into the united states with the designated country label.
add_traitadd_trait [trait id]This Cheats adds the specified attribute Into the ruler of the nation you’re now playing with as. DLC: Each of Individual
admadm [amount] [country tag]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of administrative capability to the county together with the tag. Establish a negative figure to eliminate administrative strength.
admiraladmiral [fire] [shock] [maneuver] [siege] [country tag]This Cheats generates an admiral with The shock that is specified, fire, move and siege score. When a nation label is defined, the newly constructed admiral is going to be inserted into this nation, otherwise, that the admiral is going to be inserted into the nation you’re playing as.
ai_ministerai_minister [army / diplomacy / trade]This Cheats will disable AI for your own Specified minister (see debate advice for IDs).
aiai [country tag]This Cheats may be utilized to toggle (disable and enable) AI for all nations, or some chosen country.
aiinvalidaiinvalidThis is actually a debug demand. Once implemented, It’ll publish a listing of egregious AI command counts.
aiviewaiviewThis Cheats will disable and enable
annexannex [country tag] [country tag]This cheat could annex the nation with The given tag for your country or some chosen country.
army_traditionarmy_tradition [amount] [country tag]This Cheats will include the given A mount of military heritage to a predetermined country label.
army_professionalismarmy_professionalism [amount] [country tag]This Cheats will include the given A mount of army professionalism into some predetermined country label.
authorityauthority [amount] [country tag]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of ability to your country or perhaps the united states with the tag. Negative amounts will remove jurisdiction.
autosaveautosaveThis Cheats helps you to save you the match.
balancebalanceThis is actually a debug demand. Implementing this Cheats will publish info regarding accounts to the game.log document (not the games).
bearhaslandedbearhaslanded [province id]This Cheats spawns Jan Mayen from the Specified state.
canalscanalsThis really is a debug Cheats, It’s used to Wipe canals inside the map. DLC: Gamble Nations
cashcash [amount] [country tag]This Cheats may add or eliminate money (ducats) from the country’s (or some predetermined country’s) treasury. Negative amounts may remove dollars.
change_religionchange_religion [country tag / province id] [religion id]This Cheats may be utilized to Improve the Religion of a nation or state, given by means of a nation label or state Id. See debate advice for religion IDs.
church_powerchurch_power [amount] [country tag]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of church ability to the designated country label (or perhaps the united states you’re playing as though no nation label is defined). DLC: Wise Practice

LIST No.-3: All europa universalis 4 cheats province id 2020

This is the 3rd list, that contains 24 January Europa Universalis IV console commands 2020, With the help of these cheats, you enjoy your gameplay.


clearclearThis command will clean that the console – Significance all messages previously delivered for you will probably end up hidden (that they aren’t rid games log files, only the in-game games). Flag. DLC: Each of Individual
clr_consort_flagclr_consort_flag [country tag] [flag id]This command exposes a worldwide flag.
clr_flagclr_flag [flag id]This command reaches a state flag.
clr_prov_flagclr_prov_flag [flag id] [province id]This Cheats enables and disables (toggles) the crash box Publish information getting drawn to the monitor. This is helpful for debugging difficulties with crashes, etc..
collisioncollisionThis Cheats colonizes the given State for the existing nation. The in-state state will develop into a heart with the state’s original faculties (such as religion and civilization).
colonizecolonize [province id]This Cheats may be utilized to place the Number the battle dice will roll up into, meaning it’ll no more be arbitrary. ‘combat_dice 3′ will signify that the combat dice will always land. Use the Cheats’combat_dice -1’ to reestablish normal functionality (arbitrary).
combat_dicecombat_dice [number]This Cheats may be utilized to Improve the Frequency of these arbitrary sounds generated by the combat perspective.
combatsoundcombatsound [frequency]This Cheats puts the Cheats of a Specified state to the designated country label (if no nation label is defined, the united states that you are playing will develop into the Cheats).
controlcontrol [province id] [country tag]This Cheats could change the corruption Of a predetermined country to this specified level. Be aware that does not add the chosen level of corruption into some country – it places the corruption into the number entered.
corruptcorrupt [corruption value] [country tag]This command will automatically print the value of The given modifier for its prospective country.
country_modifiercountry_modifier [country tag] [modifier id]The Cheats creates the designated Nation The march of this 2nd designated nation.
create_marchcreate_march [country tag] [country tag]This Cheats varies your nation’s Main culture to the civilization of the designated state Id.
cultureculture [province id]This Cheats alters the Day of this Match into the date given.
datedate []This Cheats enables and disables (toggles) the presence of purge info.
debug_infodebug_infoThis Cheats allows squirt Tool Tips Meaning nation tags, state IDs and boundary spaces will probably be displayed for you once you hover across locations from the match.
debug_modedebug_modeThis command will disable the visibility Of this match’s GUI – with this particular option in game matters such as menus and tool bars will likely be hidden.
debug_noguidebug_noguiThis Cheats can reload all regions on The map – of use for debugging and fixing bugs.
debug_reload_areasdebug_reload_areasThis Cheats will reload all areas on The map – of use for debugging and fixing bugs.
debug_reload_regionsdebug_reload_regionsThis cheat makes 2 defined countries (states) declare war on each other – regardless of casus belli is demanded.
declare_wardeclare_war [country tag] [country tag] [call allies]This Cheats will finish all wars that the Specified nation is participated. Notice: This Cheats is only going to end wars that the nation may be the aggressor or guardian in, maybe not wars they’re assisting in (e.g. for allies). Truces aren’t influenced by this order.
delete_warsdelete_wars [country tag]This Cheats can destroy the ruler of this Given country.
killkill [country tag]This Cheats may be utilized to include or Remove diplomatic power in the state.
dipdip [amount] [country tag]This Cheats is really a debug tool – prints Diplomatic activity debug info and data into this game.log file.
diplocountdiplocountThis command prints info concerning Diplomatic connections to the console.
diplomacy_infodiplomacy_infoThis Cheats will start the tragedy With the given ID over the country you’re now playing with as. To take up a disaster within yet another nation, switch to it with the label Cheats.
disasterdisaster [disaster id]This Cheats may be used to detect The funds of the designated country to get a certain country.
discoverdiscover [country tag] [country tag]This Cheats includes a specified sum of Agree to some country (of this Nahuatl religion). Establish a poor number to eliminate doom.
doomdoom [amount] [country tag]This is actually a debug demand. Implementing this Command will create debug info regarding the market to be published into the game.log file.
economyeconomyThis Cheats will adopt a predetermined Institution inside a predetermined province. If you don’t define a institution, then all associations within the state is going to be adopted.
embraceembrace [province id] [institution id]This Cheats causes all of spies belonging Into the stated country neglect.
epicfailepicfail [country tag]This Cheats will operate the occasion with The given ID. When a nation label is defined, it’ll soon be implemented within that nation.

LIST No.-4: All console commands eu4 (Europa Universalis IV) 2020

This is the 4th list, that includes 31 best Europa Universalis IV console commands 2020, With the help of these cheats, you enjoy your gameplay.


eventevent [event id] [country tag] [option id]This Cheats will add or eliminate war Fatigue from the chosen country.
exhaustexhaust [amount] [country tag]This command eliminates the wait period Required to get a en-route Diplomat-S to become appointed (dismisses the date assess).
fast_diplofast_diploThis Cheats adds prefer to your Nation You’re presently playing from the designated country.
favorsfavors [country tag] [amount]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of all fervor into the united states with the designated country label. DLC: Gamble Nations
fervorfervor [amount] [country tag]This Cheats creates a marriage involving the Two given nations.
form_unionform_union [country tag] [country tag]This Cheats toggles (permits and When a state Id is defined, it’ll soon be toggled because state, otherwise, it is going to soon be toggled in every states.
fowfow [province id]This Cheats allows Great power Frenzy. Use the Cheats’frenzy_off’ to disable.
frenzyfrenzyThis command disables Great power Frenzy. Use the Cheats ‘frenzy’ to empower.
frenzy_offfrenzy_offThis Cheats enables and disables (toggles) full screen mode for this match.
fullscreenfullscreenThis Cheats may be utilized to Improve the Accelerate the match runs. 5 is speediest, 0 is ceased (stopped).
gamespeedgamespeed [speed]This Cheats enables and disables (toggles) god style
godgodThis Cheats begins a gold era within The state of the designated country label.
golden_agegolden_age [country tag]This Cheats may be utilized to alter a Confucian nation’s advancement towards harmonization.
harmonizationharmonization [progress] [country tag]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of stability to the designated Confucian nation.
harmonyharmony [amount] [country tag]If implemented with no Cheats within a Debate, a set of most orders will be printed to your console. If implemented using a command as a debate, help for this command will be printed to games.
helphelp [command]A joke Cheats prints the joke Reply ‘No assistance for you’ into the console.
helphelphelphelpThis command prints a listing of Most Console Cheats into the game.log file.
helploghelplogThis Cheats may be utilized to place the Unity of a nation’s horde into a predetermined value.
horde_unityhorde_unity [amount] [country tag]This command prints a listing of Most Their overall thoughts to the game.log file.
ideadumpideadumpThis Cheats may be utilized to grow or Decrease the imperial power of a predetermined country’s emperor.
imperial_authorityimperial_authority [amount] [country tag]This Cheats allows infinite battle Style (not known).
infinite_combatinfinite_combatThis Cheats may be utilized to grow or Decrease inflation in a stated country.
inflationinflation [amount] [country tag]This Cheats begins the integration Means of just one country to the next. In case the 2 defined countries happen to be incorporating, this Cheats will immediately finish the integration procedure.
integrateintegrate [country tag] [country tag]This Cheats adds and eliminates karma From a predetermined Buddhist country. DLC: Wise Practice
karmakarma [amount] [country tag]This command kills the initial cardinal (from the list) of the designated country.
kill_cardinalkill_cardinal [country tag]This command eliminates the consort of this Given country. DLC: Each of Individual
kill_consortkill_consort [country tag]This command eliminates the heir of this Given country.
kill_heirkill_heir [country tag]This Cheats kills a random pioneer (from some other nation within the game).
kill_leaderkill_leaderThis Cheats creates an overall (military leader) with the fire, jolt, move and siege faculties for the designated country.
leaderleader [fire] [shock] [maneuver] [siege] [country tag]This really is a debug tool – it Is Accustomed to Evaluation for memory leaks. May possibly crash this match.
leakleakThis really is a debug tool – it Is Accustomed to Evaluation for GPU memory flows. May possibly crash this match.
leak_gpuleak_gpu [chunk byte #] [chunk number]The Cheats may be utilized to Improve the Validity of the designated country’s leader.
legitimacylegitimacy [amount] [country tag]This Cheats may make the match Effort To decrease the quantity of RAM (memory) it’s using.
low_memorylow_memoryThis Cheats enables and disables (toggles) a predetermined country’s blessed nation status. If no nation label is defined, the state you’re playing as will likely undoubtedly be affected.

LIST No.-5: Latest console commands eu4 (Europa Universalis 4)

This is the 5th list, that includes 34 latest Europa Universalis IV console commands of January 202, With the help of these cheats, you enjoy your gameplay.


luckylucky [country tag]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of support into the united states you’re presently playing with as.
mandatemandate [amount]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of immersion into the stated country label. The quantity of person power is 1000x the number entered (e.g. two will put in 2, 000 man-power).
manpowermanpower [amount] [country tag]This Cheats may Be Accustomed to Generate/randomize a brand new portion of the map. See debate advice for more assistance.
map_randommap_random [seed]This Cheats enables and disables (toggles) the visibility of vertex flaws from the game map.
map_vertextexturesmap_vertextexturesThis Cheats will change the manner of The game map into the map manner.
mapmodemapmode [map mode #]This command prints to games the Level of memory (RAM) the match is now using.
memorymemoryThis Cheats may be utilized to include and Remove military power to/from a stated country.
milmil [amount] [country tag]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of people into a existing nation.
humanshumans [number]This Cheats toggles (permits and Disables) the appear that shows once you are given a note.
msgmsgThis Cheats begins a native uprising Within the state with all the designated ID.
native_uprisingnative_uprising [province id]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of navy heritage to the united states with the designated country label.
navy_traditionnavy_tradition [amount] [country tag]This Cheats alters the tune now Being played (in-game music) into another location tune erupts from the play list.
nextsongnextsongThis command eliminates the restriction That limits quantity of major assignments you may select from.
nolimit_missionsnolimit_missionsThis Cheats reveals and hides (toggles) The pause banner at the match’s GUI.
nopausetextnopausetextThis Cheats indicates the nudge tool.
nudgenudgeThis Cheats allows observe style – Significance the AI is likely to create whole charge of the match and also you may no longer get a handle on a country (also referred to as spectator style). Make use of the label Cheats to restart playing.
observeobserveThis Cheats causes the match customer to Venture out of sync (OOS). Useful for debug/development functions, maybe not suggested for players.
oosoosThis Cheats changes the proprietor of some Given state to the designated country. If no nation label is defined, the united states you’re presently playing will become the master of the designated province.
ownown [province id] [country tag]This Cheats changes the owner of this Specified state and makes it a heart of the united states with the designated country label.
own_coreown_core [province id] [country tag]This Cheats adds and eliminates piety From nations of their Muslim religion.
pietypiety [amount] [country tag]This Cheats begins a pirate inside the State with the designated ID.
piratepirate [province id]This is actually a debug demand. It polls legitimate events.
pollpollThis Cheats provides the designated quantity Of people into the state with all the chosen province Id. Be aware that this Cheats just works for states which are part of a colony.
populationpopulation [province id] [amount]This Cheats adds a notion set to the Country together with the designated country label.
powerpower [stability key / idea group key / tech key] [country tag]This Cheats provides the designated quantity To each of ‘power points’. Power-points are forces such as administrative power, military power, diplomatic power, and so forth for a nation.
powerpointspowerpoints [amount] [country tag]This command prints out data Reaching to power paying for many nations.
powerspendpowerspendThis Cheats may be utilized to grow or De-crease a predetermined nation’s prestige.
prestigeprestige [amount] [country tag]This is actually a debug demand. This may Print cost information into the game.log file.
pricespricesThis command will publish a listing of Worldwide flags into the console.
print_flagsprint_flagsThis command will publish a listing of flags For the state with all the chosen ID into the console.
print_prov_flagsprint_prov_flags [province id]This command prints the match’s ‘arbitrary Count’ and the seed from this map.
PrintSynchStuffprintsynchstuffThis Cheats makes you nation Protectorate still another. A protectorate is just a nation that’s shielded and commanded by means of another.
protectorateprotectorate [country tag] [country tag]This Cheats reveals the modifier worth (promotes (and so on) to the designated state ID.
province_modifierprovince_modifier [province id]This Cheats will start a reformation Within the state with all the specified state ID.
reformreform [province id]This Cheats will automatically refresh the worth on The operation calculator (this Cheats is recorded by EU4Cheats, therefore might well not work as planned).

LIST No.-6: Latest console commands eu4 (Europa Universalis 4)

This is the 6th list, that includes 45 New europa universalis 4 cheats pc of January 202, With the help of these cheats, you enjoy your gameplay.

refreshknowledgecountrefreshknowledgecountThis Cheats re-initiates the conversation (re loads the conversation).
reinitchatreinitchatThis command reloads the given file. When you have made changes to some lua or even GUi document, then this Cheats may reload the document and use the changes with no the need to restart your match. Bitmaps.
reloadreload [file name]This command reloads the match’s height maps.
reload_canalsreload_canalsThis command reloads all lakes present Across the match.
reload_heightmapreload_heightmapThis command reloads the map.
reload_lakesreload_lakesThis command reloads the state map.
reload_mapreload_mapThis command reloads all of strait vertex buffers.
reload_provincemapreload_provincemapThe Cheats reloads the match’s tree map.
reload_straitsreload_straitsThis Cheats (with no arguments) Re loads the match shaders. You may optionally define whether map name, either postfx or file name (finishing in .fx).
reload_treemapreload_treemapThis command reloads that the GUI (HUD Elements) of this match.
reloadfxreloadfx [map / .fx file]This command reloads the match’s Language documents (localization files situated in the’localisation/ /’ folder).
reloadinterfacereloadinterfaceThis command reloads the feel together with The name.
reloadlocreloadlocThis command reloads the match’s commerce winds.
reloadtexturereloadtexture [texture file]This command eliminates a casus belli (given with its ID and the 2 country tags included).
reloadtradewindsreloadtradewindsThis command eliminates a promise that a Given country has left on a state.
remove_cbremove_cb [casus belli id] [country tag] [country tag]This Cheats makes the designated State no longer a heart of this nation it belongs.
remove_claimremove_claim [province id] [country tag]In case your nation has a Defender of this Religion because of its own religion, this Cheats will get rid of the name.
remove_coreremove_core [province id] [country tag]This command eliminates a nation from Your own nation’s interest.
remove_defender_faithremove_defender_faithThis Cheats makes a nation no more A march of some other nation.
remove_interestremove_interest [country tag]This cheat gets the designated Nation No more a rival of one’s existing nation.
remove_marchremove_march [country tag] [country tag]This command removes the designated Characteristic from the ruler of the united states you’re now playing with as. DLC: Each of Individual
remove_rivalremove_rival [country tag]This command prints the present Back End Being employed for graphic representation.
remove_traitremove_trait [trait id]This command resets the market Statistics (perhaps not the market itself) which are displayed while the market console Cheats is implemented.
rendertyperendertypeThis command disables the private deity Of your existing nation. DLC: Gamble Nations
reset_economyreset_economyThis command finishes the Cool-down which Limits how quickly you’re able to migrate. Be aware this will end a cool-down that’s now in position, not to get rid of the cool down for every earthquake (e.g. in the event that you’d to wait for two minutes before working again, implementing this Cheats would enable one to migrate instantly, however there might be still another cool-down later ). DLC: Conquest of Paradise
reset_godreset_godThis command finishes the Cool-down which Limits how shortly a country may begin yet another assignment after cancelling a prior assignment. Be aware that, such as the reset_migrate Cheats, this just finishes up the present cool-down in place, a cool-down is going to be implemented when you cancel a mission.
reset_migratereset_migrateThis command resets the data that Show from the’powerspend’ command.
reset_mission_cancelreset_mission_cancel [country tag]This Cheats begins a revolt inside the State with the designated ID.
reset_powerspendreset_powerspendThis Cheats makes the designated Country the match’s ‘revolution target’. Be aware that there could only be one aim of a revolution in any certain time at EU4.
revoltrevolt [province id]This command prints a Stated level Of arbitrary RGB (color) worth into the game.log file.
revolution_targetrevolution_target [country tag]This command operates a listing of Cheats in A specified document. The document ought to be situated from the match’s root directory (the key folder to your own match, at which EU4.exe is situated).
rgbrgb [amount]This Cheats provides the designated quantity Of authorities talent points into an existing nation. DLC: Third Rome
runrun [file name]This Cheats provides the designated level Of sailors into the country.
russianrussian [amount]This command keeps the match.
sailorssailors [amount] [country tag]This is actually a debug demand. Later Executing this Cheats, score information will be published into the game.log file.
savegamesavegameThis Cheats toggles (permits and Disables) the matches self-learning AI (artificial intelligence).
scorescoreThis Cheats puts the Chosen consort Flag to the designated country label. Utilize clr_consort_flag to get rid of. DLC: Each of Individual
selflearningaiselflearningaiThis Cheats sets the Selected international flag. Utilize clr_flag to get rid of.
set_consort_flagset_consort_flag [country tag] [flag]This Cheats will place your nation’s Military leader’s attribute into the attribute with the stated characteristic Id.
set_flagset_flag [flag]This Cheats puts the flag For the state with all the designated ID.
set_leader_traitset_leader_trait [trait id]This Cheats may be utilized to progress the Advancement of a missionary in just a predetermined province.
set_prov_flagset_prov_flag [flag id] [province id]This Cheats, if implemented with no Disagreements (only’SetRandomCount’), will place the arbitrary count. When your number is given as a debate, the arbitrary count will probably be put for the.
setmissionaryprogresssetmissionaryprogress [province id] [progress]This command will publish a listing of this Thoughts (with advice) to the designated country label into the game.log file.
SetRandomCountsetrandomcount [count]This cheat could immediately triumph the Current siege at the designated province.

LIST No.-7: Latest (Europa Universalis 4) eu4 console commands

This is the 7th list, that includes 35 New Europa Universalis IV console commands of January 202, With the help of these cheats, you enjoy your gameplay.

show_ideasshow_ideas [country tag]This Cheats enables and disables (toggles) smooth framework logging.
siegesiege [province id]This Cheats spawns the device together with all the Given ID inside the state with all the designated ID.
smoothframelogsmoothframelogThis command spawns a celebrity together with the Given name and over the designated province.
spawnspawn [province id] [unit id]This Cheats provides your Present state 1, 000 splendor. There’s no method to define a different nation tag/amount – utilize the label command to switch to some other nation and make use of this Cheats in order to add grandeur to some other nation. DLC: Mandate of Heaven
spawnactorspawnactor [actor / mesh name] [province id] [animation]This Cheats puts your Nation’s sprite Degree.
splendorsplendorThis cheat provides spy community factors to the specified nation label.
spritelevelspritelevel [level]This cheat will include the given Level of equilibrium into the stated country label.
spynetworkspynetwork [country tag] [amount]This command toggles the State/territory status for a predetermined province. In case the specified state is a land, it’ll soon be produced to a country – whether it’s a nation, it’ll soon be drawn up to a land.
stabilitystability [amount] [country tag]This Cheats prints data to the game.log file.
statestate [province id]This Cheats will create your present Nation concede.
statsstatsThis Cheats will make you play (switch to) the designated country label. ) The united states you had been playing before will probably soon be Cheats led by AI. For state labels, visit our state labels list.
surrendersurrenderThis Cheats adds the designated quantity of amounts in every technology types (for the existing country).
tagtag [country tag]That really is a debug Cheats – it checks the Specified success.
techtech [amount]
test_achievementtest_achievement [achievement id]That really is a debug Cheats – it checks a Specified occasion (and personality).
testeventtestevent [event id] [character id]That really is a debug Cheats – it checks a Specified assignment.
testmissiontestmission [mission]This command prints info concerning The match’s texture usage to this game console.
texture_usagetexture_usageThis Cheats enables and disables (toggles) terrain incognita. Terrain incognita could be your concealing of not known (i.e. unexplored) portions of this map.
titiThis command prints the present time to the console.
timetimeThis Cheats is really a debug tool it Prints gathered data to your’timer_start’ command.
timertimerThis Cheats will reset the debug timer (once it’s been initiated with the’timer_start’ Cheats).
timer_resettimer_resetThis command restarts the Flexible timer. Use ‘timer’ to observe results/data accumulated.
timer_restarttimer_restartThis Cheats begins the brand new timer, Utilize ‘timer’ to observe results/data accumulated.
timer_starttimer_startThis command stops the debug timer out of Collecting information.
timer_stoptimer_stopThis is actually a debug demand. It Is Accustomed to test touch/collisions.
touch_testtouch_testThis Cheats provides the designated quantity Of hope (from the existing country) into the stated country label.
trusttrust [country tag] [amount]This command upgrades the localization File to the designated language label (e.g. ‘English’).
update_locupdate_loc [language tag]This really is a debug Cheats – It’ll Confirm all events (and wont activate them).
validateeventsvalidateeventsThis Cheats may create the specified Country label a vassal of this next country label.
vassalizevassalize [country tag] [country tag]This command prints the model of Europa Universalis 4 your match is running.
versionversionThis Cheats will allow success cards in single player mode.
victorycardvictorycardThis Cheats will start (or shut if Open) the window.
windowwindow [open / close] [window name]Notice: This Cheats has been reported Divided at the time of an upgrade to war score calculation. This Cheats will place the war score of most wars that your country is now engaged into 100%.
winwarswinwarsThis Cheats will disable (empower and Disable) yes-man mode. In Yes Man manner, the AI of Most countries will immediately Accept any proposal/offer you will (irrespective of situation, and so forth).


According to my research I inter all possible “eu4 console commands”. Then if you think I have left any command, then please comment below.